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health care cost

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Considering the rising costs of healthcare, and the current economic climate what is the affect of healthcare costs for the individual and their employer (need one source and a minimum of 250 words, not to include the actual question or the citation

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This post reacts to health care costs and applied research to validate.

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The truth is, health care cost has been steadily on the rise for many years now. In fact, the US government's expenditure for health care alone is more than tripled in 2008 ($2.3 trillion) than in 1990 ($714 billion). Indeed, health care is a big issue and has been the center stage of policy review and debate as the government, employers and consumers continue to battle upon how to keep up with their health care needs (National Health Care Expenditure Data, 2010 in Kaiser EDU, n.d.).

Much has been said about the benefits accompanying soaring prices/costs associated with health care however coupled with the "overall economic slowdown and the rising federal deficit", a great tension is on the way pulling the capacity of the government especially with Medicare and Medicaid as well as those private employers to pay premiums for their employees (Employer Health Benefits 2009 Annual Survey in Kaiser EDU, n.d.). All these invariably lead to great burdens both on the part of the employer as well as the employee. In fact with the worker's wages don't actually increase at the same speed as the health care costs and thereby pulls away workers to buy their own premiums right from their own pocket (Kaiser EDU, n.d.).

With the current reforms in health care, "new insurance regulations prevent health insurers from ...

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