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Challenges of Healthcare Leaders

What are some challenges and issues affecting leadership in the health care industry?How might these challenges and issues affecting leadership in the health care industry be overcome?

Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. Thank you.

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Health care leaders face many challenges today. Controlling costs, improving quality of care, meeting government requirements, and maintaining a competitive edge are among the top challenges.
Controlling costs is difficult for any organization. However, in health care, costs associated with providing care for the indigent, for adopting mandatory technology, and for ongoing training combine to make it difficult for the leader to develop a sound strategy. Leaders must develop policies to deliver care that is effective, while preventing readmissions, to achieve the maximum benefit under the Affordable Care Act. This means utilizing more resources for follow up, while controlling costs.

One of the problems, specifically that of caring for indigent patients who do not have insurance coverage may improve over the next decade. Many people will be ...

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The discussion focuses on some of the top challenges faced by healthcare leaders. Along with each challenge discussed, is a solution for leaders to consider, before implementing change within the organization that is designed to address the specific challenge.