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    Reliability Improvement

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    what are the steps for improvement of high reliability which you suggested for your organization. Would you change your recommendations? Could your recommended steps be expanded or refined?
    Support your response by identifying and explaining key points

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    Step 1
    There are three steps for improvement of high reliability. I will not change the recommendations. These three steps are as follows: First, in the hospital or HCO to ensure reliability failure should be prevented in operations or functions. Second, it is important to identify and mitigate failure in the organization. Third, the process should be redesigned based on critical failures identified (a).

    Step 2
    I want the recommended steps to be expanded to suit my organization. In my hospital to prevent failure there should be checklists for every tasks so that work is completed. In addition, the equipment, material, and guidelines should be standardized. There should be training provided relating to standards and feedback mechanism should be in place to ensure ...

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