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How to Improve Test Item Reliability

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Name two strategies for improving test item reliability in a norm referenced test. Also make recommendations for ensuring reliability and validity for the following test types:
- Essay questions
- True or false questions
- Matching questions
- Definition and open ended questions

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A strategy that increases reliability and validity in norm-referenced tests would be the usage of construct irrelevant variance that is used to examine causes of variance in student scores not related to the test material. This would assist educators in determining what type of knowledge would be necessary for determining proficiency in norm-referenced test items.

An additional strategy to use for increasing reliability and validity would entail ensuring that instructions given to students are accurate and precise. Vague or misleading instructions reduce validity and reliability because students are not provided a valid opportunity to demonstrate ...

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Two strategies are discussed for how to improve test item reliability including how to improve match questions, essay questions, norm-referenced testing that uses true/flase questions, open-ended questions, and matching questions.

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