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Test Item Reliability: Scenario

Can you provide me with a brief description of a specific testing scenario. Then describe one reliable test item and one unreliable test item for that testing scenario. Finally, explain what determines whether an item is reliable or unreliable within the scenario presented.

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Dear Student,

Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. In this particular problem, you are being asked to provide a sample specific testing scenario. I am assuming that you have already discussed what a testing scenario is in class so this is a familiar concept for you. But just in case you need clarification on that, as testing scenarios apply to a whole range of subjects, including sociology and software application, you can use the listed resources to explore it more. Now for this particular problem, I think using the following outline will help:

1. Specific Testing Scenario - what is it for, how is the scenario undertaken, what is the context, what/who are the participants?
2. Reliable test item - what is a reliable test item and what is it in this particular scenario?
3. Unreliable test item - same as above.
4. What are the reliable/unreliable test scenario determinants.

Now, since you did not indicate a context, the scenario can be anything, but since this is a Psychology research subject we will locate a 'test' within this area as our sample. I hope that this solution has helped.

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Specific Testing Scenario

What is a testing scenario? A testing scenario is undertaken across a host of disciplines, including psychology, for doing scenario testing. Academics and researchers can 'test drive' the reliability and applicability of a psychometric tool, a test which on their own come in many forms. In psychology, it is a form of assessment that measures the skills, aptitude, knowledge, fitness or capacity/classification of an individual on a host of topics and specializations. A test can be oral, taken on paper, on a computer or in a designated area or site wherein the individual must perform physical tests (as in physical fitness tests in the army or in auditions to dance troupes); what is common across them is that they vary in ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) about putting together a testing scenario. The solution provides an outline for a paper that aims to present the completion of such a task. A testing scenario is described and exemplified with a reliable test item as well as an unreliable test item. The reliability attributes of test items in the scenario is further explain. This solution is 1263 words and resources are listed for further studies on the topic as well.