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Continuous Improvement Processes

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Many organizations focus on continuous improvement processes to aid efficiency improvement, reduce waste, and/or maximize profits. In your posting, discuss three of the continuous improvement foci areas you have experienced in your job or organization and discuss the effectiveness (or benefits) of such initiatives. Decide what change management issues are present that limit the organization's efforts in continuous improvement. What are the forces driving the initiative? What practices could be improved? What should be abandoned? I work for a major insurance company going through a 6 sigma lean process. I need 200-300 words and 2 sources.

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Three continuous improvement foci areas that I have experience in my job are improving the identification and analysis of risks associated with policies, minimizing the risk of financial loss, and improving claims investigations. The identification and analysis of risks associated with policies have been improved so that premium can be accurately charged and the insurance company can reduce unnecessary risks (a). Minimizing the risk of financial loss has been done in several ways, the company's revenues from investments has been maximized, and avoiding taking out policies where risk level is very high. The force driving ...

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