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Efficiency, Continuous Improvement, Internet and E-Business

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What Is Your Attitude Towards Productivity? Compare and contrast the factors of efficiency versus continuous improvement orientations for organizations and employees. Assume you are the owner of a new start-up company, how could the Internet and E-business help you develop your company?

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Compare and contrast the factors of efficiency versus continuous improvement orientations for organizations and employees.

Productivity is achieving the desired outcome with maximum efficiency. An orientation toward continuous improvement implies that organizational processes, workflows and operations can always be improved and oftentimes process improvement results in increased efficiency. A positive attitude toward productivity suggests
that efficiency can be a characteristic of a stable company. This is true in that "practice makes perfect" - an employee who has honed his personal processes for maximum efficiency in a stable company only needs to maintain that level of efficiency to achieve success. A company that is in constant change may have high levels of employee rotation or processes that are in flux, thereby necessitating a re-working of those processes or of an ...

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This solution compares and contrasts efficiency and continuous improvement for organizations and for employees. It also describes how the Internet and E-business could help develop a start-up company.

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