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Operation and Improvement


I want more explanation about this process. I am inviting company to improve my business operation improvement process. As the vendor is providing following things..... What Can I ask for improving my business and What kind of questions I can ask in terms of operation and improvement?

Identify value drivers for operational processes (development, extraction, and processing).
• Review the effectiveness of the existing Manager) and Superintendent)Peer Rooms, and recommend improvements in the process of how they are operated.
• Provide recommendations regarding safety, production, and cost based on value drivers to be used in the Peer Room.
• Assist in developing specific metric reporting process.

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Some of the questions/areas to be covered for this process include:

1) Establishment of benchmarking process, development of metrics and benchmarks based on internal and external benchmarking process- The combination of internal and external benchmarking process will ...

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The expert discusses questions that one can ask for improving business and questions that one can ask in terms of operation and improvement.