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    Explanation of Performance Improvement Project

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    Discuss a performance improvement project you have been involved in or had knowledge of. What process was used to identify the need for an improvement and what steps were taken to work through the process to achieve the improvement? What challenges did you face along the way?

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    At work I was involved in a performance improvement to expedite the packing of a product in the best, more efficient manner. Initially management undertook a performance analysis observing the rate and system various employees' bagged jelly beans. Results of each employee were logged at an hourly rate. Not just speed was taken into account but also quality of packing: the bags needed to be sealed properly, without excess air in the top of the bag. A wide discrepancy was found between employees in both output and quality. Objectives were made to expedite the packing to the quantity per hour of the fastest employee, while maintaining a standard of quality on the appearance of the package.

    Once employees' speed was monitored, logged and evaluated then the method of packing was reviewed. Each employee was determined to have various idiosyncrasies that either helped or hindered the objective. It was interesting that even the way various employees sat made a difference in the output. It was also determined that there were a preferred number of employees at this station for maximum output and quality.

    A new sequence of activities was designed to solve the issue of too much air in the bags and improper weights. In addition a "best practices" model was inputted to train all employees on the correct ...

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    This solution discusses a performance improvement project. It includes the prices that was used to identify the need for an improvement and the steps that were taken to work through the process to achieve the improvement. It also explains the challenges that were faced along the way.