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Integrity, Ethics and Doctoral Candidate Research

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Please discuss, at length, the importance of maintaining integrity and professionalism as a doctoral researcher. What steps should be taken to ensure that one adheres to the standards of integrity and professionalism? In the response, cite peer-reviewed journal articles to support discussion.

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The importance of integrity and professionalism is important in graduate level research for doctoral candidates for the following reasons: one's own reputation and credibility are at stake, as is the school's and one's family's reputation. Also, it can affect the doctoral candidate's later ability to acquire a job and receive tenure (if that is the desire). Furthermore, one needs to set a good example for the ...

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This solution provides a discussion on the importance of maintaining high standards of integrity and professionalism when conducting doctoral candidate research and provides procedures to follow that can help ensure it does occur, using peer-reviewed journal articles to support the discussion.