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    Consistency, integrity, and morality in leadership positions

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    Choosing a Value-Based Leader

    What specific attributes and values will our new CEO require to lead our firm in this period of change?

    1) What is your opinion on Tina's Answer to the QUESTION above and Candidate 4?

    TINA's ANSWER and Candidate 4

    1. Honesty and integrity
    2. Strong verbal skills
    3. Consistency

    Candidate strengths and weaknesses

    Candidate 1 - strong leader, overcome humble beginnings, personable, effective communicator, 4 decades of experience which means he is older so how long will he be able to run the company

    Candidate 2 - family business experience - was she only allowed to become CEO so young because she was family or based on her abilities, visionary who brought unity after turmoil, quick decision maker - does she take worker experience into account or is it her decision alone, uses educated consultants - does she know business herself or not, loyal

    Candidate 3 - great speaker, military experience, knowledgeable of wide variety of technologies, pioneer - piloted several projects, hard charger who persevered many trials

    Candidate 4 - top professionals in field and respected leader, performs well under pressure, values community and customers, motivator, leads by example, strong work ethic, personally took failing company by developing a successful solution

    Candidate 5 - strong ethics and morals, values based leadership, good communicator, challenges others, leads by example with younger employees

    Candidate 6 - started at bottom - could be example for employees, eager to take command and lead, top professional writer in the field, expert with media, strong entrepreneurial talents

    Choosing the candidate that best fits the firm's values was very difficult as each candidate had something different to offer. I feel we need a candidate that will bring us through the trouble times and back to being the #1 leader once again. I believe that candidate 4 will be the person to do this. He is a top, respected leader in the industry, performs well under pressure (we are experiencing that right now and need someone that will maintain stability), and he is known value community and customer which could help with stability for the employees by keeping them involved. He also has a history of motivating average employees by setting the example and strong work ethic. I think this will work to our advantage to keep the employees motivated during this trying time and restructure. He also has experience working with a previous failing company which should give him an upper hand with turning our company back around.

    The question I would propose is - If you were selected to lead the company, how would you instill stability to keep employees motivated, dedicated, and loyal to the company during this turmoil?


    Candidate (1) - Known to lead groups to great success; Humble beginnings, with much triumph over personal and work adversity; Well liked among his peers; has been acknowledged internationally for his successes; Effective communicator; Career spanning four decades; Transitioned success in one industry into many other industries

    Candidate (2) - Part of a business; took on CEO role at age 26; Brought unity to an organization where there was much conflict and divisiveness; Visionary; Adept at quick decision making, "shooting from the hip;" Surrounds herself with an educated group of consultants; Her loyalties are to her organization above all.

    Candidate (3) - His powerful words are remembered by all who hear him; Military experiences provided the forum for developing his leadership skills; received great accolades internationally; Knowledgeable about a wide variety of technologies in his field; Pioneer in the industry; piloted several projects before using them on a larger scale; Persevered through many trials to rise through the ranks of the organization.

    Candidate (4) - One of the top professional in his field; respected as a leader of the industry; Consistently performs well under strict scrutiny by critics and management; Works with community to increase knowledge of products and services; History of motivating average performers into outstanding performers through his example, leadership, and very strong work ethic; When the organization was failing, he took personal responsibility to change the situation and develop a successful solution.

    Candidate (5) - Unwavering commitment to ethics and morals; Attained international respect for his focus on values-based leadership; Known more for the things he had said rather than what he has done; Continually challenges others to be their best; Strong influence over younger employees with his high standards.

    Candidate (6) - Began at the entry level of her industry before developing an international reputation for her accomplishments; Eager to take command of projects; willing to take the lead in innovation; Her writings on the industry are among the top sources for professionals and novices in the field; An expert in using the media to communicate her message; Strong entrepreneurial talents.

    2) What is your opinion on MICHELLE's ANSWER to the question above and Candidates 1?


    CEO Values

    1. Adapability
    2. Integrity
    3. Fortitude

    My choice - Candidate 1

    - Known to lead groups to great success
    His integrity is proven with other groups, which the company has been lacking from their previous poor management.

    - Humble beginnings, with much triumph over personal and work adversity
    He has demonstrated fortitude to overcome difficult circumstances and will be able to provide a stable leadership while displaying confidence in his performance.

    - Well liked among his peers; has been acknowledged internationally for his successes
    He has a history of effective communication in critical, stressful environments among diverse populations.

    - Effective communicator
    He will be able to communicate restructuring challenges and create smoother transisions.

    - Career spanning four decades
    He has experience and success in the industry.

    - Transitioned success in one industry into many other industries
    He demonstrates adaptability, which the company will need for their on-going changes.

    Interview Question
    If you knew a decision was wrong for the company how would you handle it?

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    TINA's ANSWER and Candidate 4
    1. Honesty and integrity
    2. Strong verbal skills
    3. Consistency

    I believe that Tina's answers are effective and correct as a leader must possess strong oratory skills, ensure that they maintain consistency when dealing with employees within the organization, and also display ...

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