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    Nature of morality and justice/economic distribution

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    What do these mean and what is your personal opinion of them?
    1. The Nature of Morality
    2. Justice and Economic Distribution
    3. The Nature of Capitalism
    4. Ethics- Right versus Wrong
    5. Unethical Leadership
    6. Issues in the Workplace
    7. Job Discrimination
    8. Moral Choices Facing Employees

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    1. The Nature of Morality

    Try and think of how the form of morality that is viewed on how humans evolve from their basis of understanding through a prism of religion or spirituality.

    2. Justice and Economic Distribution

    Aim in thinking how justice is a form of method to gauging the proper handling of situations that conducts activity in a fair and balance output, in which, the goal of justice is obtained in a consistent manner. The economic distribution relates towards the disbursement of income to either fairly or disparity that can leads to an unbalance or ethical inequality.

    3. The Nature of Capitalism

    Try and think of the nature of an economic system for which the obtainment of capital assets is within the market for profit, mostly, the privately owned business enterprise. Thus, the objective is to identifying natural characterizes of ethical ...

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    The nature of morality and justice/economic distributions are given. Issues in the workplace are given.