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Justice and social equity

I hope that you can help with trying to understand the question title along with examples and references if you would please.
1. How would you define justice and social equality (with some examples)?
2. What are the concepts of justice and social equity and what would you say the relationship is between the two?

Thanks in advance.

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1. Justice implies moral correctness related to rationality, ethics, equity, and fairness. Examples of justice means that a person who has committed a theft is punished with incarceration. Another example is that a person who has masterminded a corporate fraud is imprisoned and his property is confiscated.
Social equality means that people in a country, state, or a society have the same status in certain aspects. It means equal opportunities, responsibilities, equal rights, and economic equity. For example, ...

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The answer to this problem explains the relationship between justice, social equality, and social equity . The references related to the answer are also included.