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Important information about Strategic Leadership

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I need assistance in compiling a Position Paper on the applicability of the "Contrarian's Guide To Leadership" and "Apex Thinking"

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In the book Contrarian's Guide To Leadership, the author Steven B. Sample discusses several counterintuitive lessons. These aspects of leadership are what the author feels are removed from the romanticized image of leadership. It is suggested that such non-innovative qualities of leadership matter in corporate boards, civic leadership and in academics.
Some of his assertions are that one cannot copy one's way to the top. This assertion means that a person needs innovative methods and use creative techniques to reach the top. It also means that if a person studies the methods used by successful leaders and emulates them he cannot reach the top. This assertion can be challenged. The reason is that there are several leaders that have openly copied their mentors or idols and have succeeded.

Another assertion in Contrarian's Guide To Leadership is that one should know the all important difference between being leader and doing leader. Is the leadership position titular? Is the only reason why a person is in a leadership position is because she has legitimate power? This counterintuitive assertion allows a leader to evaluate a leader (Sample.S.B 2003),.
Another counterintuitive assertion in Contrarian's Guide To Leadership is "know what hill you are willing to die on - and kept its exact location to yourself". This assertion means that a leader should know the ultimate goal for which he is working and is willing to give the extreme sacrifice. But what is more important is that the leader should not disclose the goal to others.

There is a weakness in this assertion in Contrarian's Guide To Leadership. Currently, leaders are required to have a vision, they must have a clear sense of where thy want to go and they should be able to communicate the vision to their followers. The ability to communicate the vision energizes the followers and focuses their efforts onto the tasks at hand. In addition, modern leadership stresses on transparency and sharing of information. The large flat organizations of successful MNCs would have been impossible if there has been no sharing of information. So, this assumption is contestable.

Another counterintuitive assertion is "The best leaders don't keep up with the popular media and the trades". In business, such ignorance can be disastrous. Leaders make decision and take risks by carefully scanning the environment and processing ...

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