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    This post addresses how to assess a CFO candidate's honesty.

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    Integrity, especially honesty, is trait number one for being hired as a CFO in corporate America today. How might you assess a job candidate's honesty if were interviewing a potential CFO candidate?

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    I would use a few different methods. I would make sure that the employment history check is done thoroughly. Prospective employers often feel it's a waste of time to check with references, because if the previous employer was going to give you a bad reference, the candidate would make up a reason as to why they shouldn't be called. However, if the current employer does contact the current or former employer, assuming the candidate has not stipulated otherwise on their application, the hiring manager needs to listen for what's being said, but more importantly, how it's being said. Once the candidate's name was mentioned, did the tone of the conversation change? Did the manager at the current or former ...

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    The solution provides a detailed discussion of how to determine if a CFO candidate is being honest. This solution is written based on 25+ years of professional management experience.