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Selection criteria for expatriate managers for hotels

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As an IHRM director working in a centralized IHRM department, what selection criteria would you utilize to select expatriate managers for your hotels? Tell why you would utilize this selection criteria.

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Important to highlight is the emphasis on non-"resume" based selection criteria. In essence, the criteria that make a quality expatriate are often the softer, life skills which are not easily revealed on a two dimensional resume. To properly assess potential candidates, a mix of traditional interviewing and self-assessment tests as well as personal interactions and open-ended questions can help reveal a candidate's readiness and potential success as an expatriate. The following criteria are listed in order of priority for an organization to consider;

1. Attitude and Mindset Criteria
-Open to challenge
-Willing to think outside the box
-Naturally positive/optimistic personality
WHY? Often times the challenges faced as an expat are unplanned, unexpected and draw on many life-skills, which include being reliant in the face of challenge. This can greatly ...

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The selection criteria for expatriate managers for hotels are examined.