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Global Hiring Employees Factors

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1.One must be careful to select the right person for the job when hiring employees to work in domestic offices. It is also important to be careful in the selection of expatriate employees. What should be the highest priorities in your selection criteria and why?
Discuss at least 3 factors you would consider in determining their compensation package.

2. In selecting candidates for expatriate positions, is it important to involve family members and a spouse? If it is important to involve others please state why. What are some reasons you might prefer not to involve anyone other than the employee? If the company truly wants to 'first do no harm', what are some things they could do to preserve the family unit of their employees and also identify, select, train, and install in international jobs with their family living alongside them?

3. 1. You know the importance of providing cultural training, possibly language training, assistance with housing and children's education when selecting and placing an expatriate. List some of the factors you would consider important for the successful repatriation

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Expatriate Employees and HR

Answer 1: Priorities in Selection Criteria of Expatriate Employees:
Expatriate employees are the important employees for the company to increase the business in overseas market. In selecting expatriate employees for the work, HR department should consider some highest priorities such as professional or technical skills, relational abilities, international motivation, family situation and language skills etc. These priorities can help the company as well as HR department to select an appropriate employee for the foreign work or business (Linhares & Indiana University, 2008).
In professional or technical skills, HR department should consider the technical, administrative and leadership skills of employees. It can helpful for the company to manage the work in international market. In relational abilities, HR department should set the priorities of communication, ability of cultural tolerance and empathy, flexibility to adapt to new behavior and attitude. It can help company to attract more customers and other stakeholders in the international market. Company should also consider the ...

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