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Human resources -strategic role

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What is the new strategic role of human resources?

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Leadership and Human Resource
Human resources can be used to implement three areas in order to contribute to the goals of the organization. These three areas are creating, maintaining, and improving the human resource system.
Through creating the human resource system, the human resource ensures that the organization is hiring the right employees. Candidates with very broad perspectives on business, have the right personalities regarding the organization's culture, and their needs, values, and interests in the organization should be considered when hiring. All these factors are crucial in selecting the right employees so that the employees will be able to collaborate more effectively within the organization and also build honest and reliable services to its customers. Not only that, but when there is a change in the organization, these highly skilled employees will be more flexible and able to adjust and respond quickly and effectively to these changes (Cappelli & Crocker-Hefter, 1996). In addition, human resource should design the organization to control employee behavior through extensive socialization and training. This will encourage employees to collaborate more efficiently and work more productively, thus, contribute to the goals of the organization.
There are factors that the human resource should also consider ...

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The strategic role of human resources are discussed.

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