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Global Business Environment

1. Globalization does not just influence the cultures of businesses, but those of societies. What are potential cultural implications for this country that relies heavily on globalization? What is the "social responsibility" of global-focused businesses that provide employment to outside countries through outsourcing?

2. Suppose you are responsible for creating a management team for a company that has made the decision to expand its operations globally. What are some factors you would need to consider while assembling your team of managers? How would these identified factors possible influence business transactions in different cultures? How would the theories presented in this week's readings influence your hiring and placement decisions?

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//Cross cultural management is understood as the concept that mainly focuses on the management of culture on global basis. The global perspective is highly influenced with the cross-cultural management. The cross-culture management should be considered with due effectiveness for make the global expansion effective. The globalization allows the countries to grow and develop at international level. //

Answer 1

The emergence of the concept of globalization brings new meaning to the world economy. In general, the concept of globalization means that entire world is a local market. The importance of globalization is comprehended in a way that with the shrinkage in the territorial boundaries, the countries can develop a know-how regarding each other's culture and society in a better way. This leads to make the situation better and understandable as the business can flourish with smoothness, if all these things are taken into consideration with due effectiveness.

It is rightly said that the globalization not only affect the business culture; it also impact the society as well. This is experienced that the country while carrying out the business needs to penetrate in the other countries as well. This is possible ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 834 words with references.