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    The International McDonald's Success Story

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    Find some examples of international companies in the United States that demonstrate a global management approach to their operations. Provide some specific examples of practices or strategies that demonstrate this approach.
    Then answer the following questions:

    * Why has it become so important for companies to become competitive in the global business environment?
    * What advancements in operations management in other countries have affected the way companies in the United States operate?

    about 600 words, three references

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    Dear Student: The two multinational corporations I chose were Microsoft and McDonald's. Let us examine each of these separately, adding important strategies of management which make them international success stories.

    According to www.freeonline (2010), there are three factors that were chosen to outline the success of McDonald's corporation. According to this site, the first factor is globalization, the second factor is diversity and the final factor is ethics. According to this site, in today's society globalization is necessary for success and survival in the worldwide market; however, global competition is not easy (citing Bateman & Scott, 2004); by the end of the twentieth century, the list of Fortune 500 companies was no longer only United States corporations due to an increase in international companies joining the list (citing Global Capitalism, 2005). According to this site, as a leading food service retailer, McDonalds joins other international corporations with restaurants in 119 countries; important strategic decisions are a key factor to their success with consideration for both internal and external factors. For example, when considering the foreign market, companies need to consider there are risks; there must be local marketing to appeal to the local consumers, and also to build relationships and trust (citing Bateman & Scott, 2004).

    According to www.freeonline (2010), therefore, the strategic planning for marketing has to be effective. According to this site, in terms of strategic planning for marketing, McDonald's caters its menu in other countries to the cultures of the regions; for example, in India, the non-vegetarian menu includes chick and fish items only; beef is not on the menu in India because cows are considered sacred; global marketing decisions are no different than those made domestically, but the decisions are unique to each country (citing Sister & Sister, 2005). Furthermore, according to these authors, operating on a global ...

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    According to this article, there are three factors that outline he success of McDonald's Corporation. The first factor
    is globalization, the second factor is diversity, and the final factor is ethics. As a leading food service retailer, McDonald's key strategic decisions and marketing abilities had led to its success with restaurants in 119 countries.