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    Checklists and Job Analysis

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    In one page or less, tell me how this summation of the text will be useful to you in your current job or a job you hope to obtain in the future.

    Download Checklist 5. This checklist relates to Project Factors--such as this course. Please apply this check list to your work during this semester in OSHT 2405 Ergonomics and Human Factors in Safety.

    Download Checklist 6. This checklist is a compilation of all of the checklists used so far in this course. Tell me in a paragraph or two how you can use this checklist on your current job or a job you hope to obtain in the future. You can find the checklist by clicking on view/complete.

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    The summation of checklists 5 and 6 will greatly assist me in my current job as well as the job I wish to obtain in the future. Currently, I work as an oilfield spooler but want to manage the oilfield operations in the future. In my current position the movement and physical labor characteristics are vital to safety and the efficacy of the job, therefore, the requirements and questions that are outlined within checklist 5 have importance to my current job ...

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    The expert examines checklists and job analysis. Ergonomics and the Human Factors in Safety are examined.