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    Approach to and Application of Job Analyses

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    Industrial/organizational psychologists often utilize job analyses in their work. Please describe what a job analysis is and describe two different approaches and their applications.

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    What is a Job Analysis?
    A job analysis identifies and determines particular job duties and is a detailed report on these duties, requirements and the importance these duties have for any job. Analysts prepare data collected on the job and determine how these functions relate to the job and then develop procedures which include training, hiring selection, appropriate compensation and develop a performance appraisal (U.S. Department of Interior, 2010).
    When determining training needs the job analysis may assist in to identify and develop training needs such as content, tests, equipment and methods. The methods may be small groups, computers, classroom, individual and video training. This is normally referred to as a "needs assessment".
    A job analysis may be used to determine compensation and identify skills, responsibilities, what level of education is needed, which job factors are able to determine ...