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Statistical Analysis in SPSS

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The first part of this Application is your analysis using SPSS. To conduct your quantitative analysis, use your course text,

(a) Selecting appropriate variables based on type (nominal, ordinal, or scale), calculate descriptive statistics. At the very least, calculate a mean, median, and standard deviation. Be sure to save your output.

(b)Continuing with the same output file, create a histogram and simple boxplot.

(c) Which variable did you select and why?

(d) Run an appropriate t test for your sample, saving the output and including a graph. Which type of test did you select and why, and did your sample meet the assumptions for that test?

(e) Summary of your quantitative findings. Be sure to interpret the results of your quantitative analyses. Discuss your sample size, variable types, descriptive statistics results, and t test results.Remember to include why you chose that t test and why. Be sure to include which variables you chose for the histogram and simple boxplot and why.

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