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Process for a Research Template

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Process of Research Template

Base your response on at least four current scholarly sources, of which two are articles from peer-reviewed journals.

Cite references used according to APA 6th edition. Include an APA-formatted reference list.

Analyze two recently published research articles, one a quantitative study and one a qualitative study. Each of the two studies must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Note. Do not select dissertations.

Describe the research process for the two studies in terms of the following components

Quantitative Study
Study Citation:
o Research problem:
o Purpose of the research:
o Research question(s) and/or hypotheses:
o Data collection technique and instrumentation:
o Data analysis approach:
o Evaluate logical flow and coherence across the multiple elements of the study:
o Steps to ensure reliability and validity of research, analysis, and results:

Qualitative Study
Study Citation:
o Research problem:
o Purpose of the research:
o Research question(s):
o Data collection technique and instrumentation:
o Data analysis approach:
o Evaluate logical flow and coherence across the multiple elements of the study:
o Steps to ensure credibility, dependability, confirmability, and transferability of research, analysis, and results:

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I was able to find a few articles for this assignment that are both diverse in terms of content and subject matter. These articles are from peer-reviewed journals and are extremely detailed. Therefore, you should not have any issues justifying the research processes utilized to your instructor. I have written the necessary information for this assignment below, along with including other credible sources to further justify the validity and reliability of the research study.

Before I begin outlining the necessary components of your question, I wanted to provide you with two APA website references. I am not certain if you are using APA, but I am assuming that you, like the majority of my other students, are required to cite your sources. The first reference is the OWL by Purdue University. When developing the contents of your paper and the structure, this website will help you a GREAT deal: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/. Any APA questions that you might have can be found on this website. Also, for citing websites that you locate, I highly recommend using Son of Citation Machine. This website is fabulous, free, and easy to use: http://citationmachine.net/index2.php?reqstyleid=2&newstyle=2&stylebox=2. 

Quantitative Study:
Study Citation: Egan, T.M., & Rosser, M.H. (2005). Do formal mentoring programs matter?:
 A longitudinal randomized experimental study of women healthcare workers. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 7(4), 489-504.

Research problem: The field of Human Resource Development has provided very little information regarding the success of formal mentoring programs. As stated by the authors, "No study identified compared women participating in different types of formal mentoring programs or used control groups in the study of females' experiences with mentoring and few studies have examined the impact of formal mentoring participation for women employees. Additionally, clarification regarding the impact of various approaches to the facilitation of formal mentoring programs would be helpful in determining which HRD practices may positively influence mentoring program results" (p. 489). Due to this gap of literature, which is one of the major reasons for research studies to formulate/ develop, additional research is needed regarding this topic.

Purpose of the research: Due to a gap within the literature in the field of Human Resource Development, which was cited by the authors, the research study took place. As stated within the article, "The purpose of the current study is to answer the general question: do formal mentoring programs matter to the development of female healthcare workers?" (p. 489).

Research question(s) and/or hypotheses: The researchers of this study based their understanding of formal mentoring programs on previous research outside of the field of Human Resource Development. Therefore, based upon previous literature, the researchers were able to formulated hypotheses. These hypotheses are organized according to the ...

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This solution offers in-depth information regarding the process for research, addressing both quantitative and qualitative studies. The solution discusses two articles from peer reviewed journals in relation to the research problem, the purpose of the research, research questions/ hypotheses, data collection techniques and instrumentation, data analysis approach, evaluation of the flow of the study, steps to ensure reliability and validity of the research. This solution is comprehensive and will provide readers with an understanding of the components of scholarly research and design.