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    Annotated Bibliography Democracy, Ethics, & Leadership, Blended

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    Democracy, Ethics, and Leadership, Blended

    Annotated Bibliography (3 - 5 pages)

    Annotated Bibliography

    Prepare an annotated bibliography of 4 -5 articles on ethics. You may narrow down your topic and concentrate on values-based leadership, codes of ethics or creating ethical organization cultures, for example. Your articles must come from current peer reviewed, scholarly journals (Journal of Business Ethics, for example). All articles should be published since 12/1/03. Your description of each article should be one to two paragraphs and cover the purpose of the study, the audience, and the contribution of the article to the study of ethics. A 1/2 page summary of one article should be posted on blackboard in week four. The purpose of this posting is blackboard is to share one article from your bibliography that may be of interest to others in the class.

    Annotated bibliography should cover the following:

    What are the problems, issues, main concerns of the article or book?

    If this is a research article what is the research problem?

    What is the purpose of the article?

    In the second part of your review or annotation provide an analysis of the article including its usefulness.

    Who is the audience for this book/article?

    If examples are used were they clear and helpful?

    How does the book/article contribute to our understanding of ethical issues?

    Did the book or article impact your thinking about ethics?

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    // Business ethics are the key factor for establishing a successful business and for managing it with the growing outcomes. In the below text, an annotate is taken to describe the importance of business ethics in the organizations.//

    Floyd, L.A., Xu, F., Atkins, R., & Caldwell, C. (2013). Ethical Outcomes and Business Ethics: Toward Improving Business Ethics Education. Journal of Business Ethics, 4(117), 753-776.
    The article named Ethical Outcomes and Business Ethics: Toward Improving Business Ethics Education written by Floyd, et al., and the author described the current status of business education ethics. Further the author elaborate about the common approaches of teaching students about the various ethical values like moral and social responsibilities, in the business school. In the article, author analyzed the business ethics education in some business schools by surveying the school's dean, students and teachers. Different methodologies of survey and different sampling methods were used to analyze the purpose of the article. Further, to analyze the results, various tests were conducted like MWW test for determining the importance of ethics in the business schools and society. After integrating the finding concluded from the survey, the author gives some recommendation regarding these ethics and suggests improving teaching in these business schools for tomorrow's leaders of business. It has been a significant source for improving the business education ethics for the futures successful and great business men.
    // The below article is written for analyzing that the business ethics programs are effective for an organization. In the below text a shed is thrown to take a view of the article in which different statistical ...

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