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Exploratory research design

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What type of exploratory research design (e.g. observation, protective interview, in-depth interview, focus group) would you suggest for two of the five situations presented below. In addition, provide the rationale for your choices.
a. The research and development director at Calvin Klein suggests a new type of cologne for men that could be promoted by a sports celebrity.
b. The vice president of marketing in charge of new-store locations for Home Depot must decide on the best location for a store in your hometown.
c. The senior design engineer for the Ford Motor Company wished to identify meaningful design changes to be integrated into next year's Ford Tarus.
d. The general manager of Clyde's Restaurant in Washington, D.C., wished to offer customers two "new and exciting" dinner items that would be a blend of spicy herbs, chicken and lemon.
e. A retail supermarket manager would like to know the popularity of a new brand of cereal produced by General Mills.

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The research and development of the director at Calvin Klein is determined in the solution.

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For the retail supermarket wanting to know the popularity of a new brand of cereal I would select observation. The manager could determine the popularity of the cereal by observing the consumers, taking notice to how many boxes are sold each day. Also he could look at ...

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