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Ethical Dilemma: The Research Project

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Part I— Read Ethical Dilemma: The Research Project answers the three questions that follow the dilemma.
Part II—Read Ethical Dilemma: To Reciprocate or Not to Reciprocate? answer the three questions that follow the dilemma.

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1. Bill is definitely not behaving ethically in this situation, due to the fact that the he is seeking to make his project partner complete the most difficult and time consuming aspects of the project, while he seeks to conduct the easiest portion of the project that gains the most notoriety and credibility, which is the presentation. This is not fair to his project partner due to the fact that she should not have to complete the research and report development portion of the project alone.

2. I think that Bill should agree to work with his partner in the research portion of the project, as well as in developing the project report. And Bill should share the presentation responsibilities with his research partner as well. This will serve to ensure ...

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