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    Workplace Ethical Dilemma

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    Examine a workplace ethical dilemma that you have either experienced personally, or that you are otherwise familiar with. You must address the following:
    a. The essential points of the dilemma, as you understand them;
    b. How this dilemma intersects with your personal values;
    c. How you did/would solve the dilemma and why?

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    a) In advertising, you often have to get promotional items for your client - pens that have the name of the company or agency, binders, stress balls... there are many different retails that supply these products.

    One client asked me to get them personalized mouse pads. I did all of my research, and came up with a wonderful product that would suit their needs. I showed my findings to my boss, who told me that it was not good enough, and that we HAD to send a quote to the client from one specific company. I objected stating that my product was cheaper and had a faster lead time (the time it would take for the company to deliver the mouse pad). No, it was firmly stated that I had to go with that company.

    With a quote in hand from the preferred company, I then had to figure out how much to charge the client. There are many factors involved in this - I need to account for my time, the shipping costs, repackaging the ...

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    The expert examines a workplace ethical dilemma that can be experienced personally. How essential points of the dilemma are. The expert determines how to solve and dilemma and why.