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Ethics in Educational Research

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? Write a paper that outlines your position regarding ethics and its place in educational research. This is a personal position; therefore, you may use the first person pronoun. Your paper must include the following:
? a. What is your personal definition of ethics?
? b. In your opinion, what is the role of ethics in educational research?
? c. What is the need for ethics as it applies to educational research in today's society?
? d. Please cite a professional journal or other professional text to support your views for full credit on this paper.
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I find the term 'ethics' a very difficult word to define. Everyone understands the meaning of ethics but it is hard to live an ethical life. We all want to be good and do the right thing at the right time but we always don't know the right action to take. There are situations when we are confronted with two ideas which are contrasting yet they both seem ethical. We are confused and experience 'ethical dilemma'. Ethical dilemmas vary in different degrees and levels. Some ethical dilemmas are just simple and have little consequence while others become more complicated and require that we be strong on how we define ethics. For me, 'ethics' means a set of moral standards which are used to judge the way people behave in certain situations. In thinking about ethics, I remember the "golden rule" many times. It says "Do unto others what you want them do unto you". Be good so that others will do the same to you. This is particularly true in decision making. I try to think of the alternatives when I make a decision and part of the process is to try to put myself in the shoes of those affected. For me, ethics is the right conduct in accordance to moral principles that one has learned from family, school, friends, and community. These moral principles consist of freedom, compassion, justice, responsibility, and values that one has integrated in his life and which he has used to treat himself and his ...

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The solution defines ethics and it also discusses the need of ethics as it applies to educational research. References are included.