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Ethics and Counseling

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As an ethical counselor how will you promote change (please provide example)?
In what specific areas do you see change being needed (ex education)?
Discuss an example of a counselor you know or have heard of that has made a positive contribution to her/his community.

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This solution discusses how ethical counselrors can contribute to community.

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Community Ethics
As an ethical counselor how will you promote change (please provide example)

As an ethics counselor, I would promote change in the area of educational research. Research should be more of a collaborative effort involving practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, educators and researchers. I would focus on a research design that aids in solving complex problems. For example, developing a research-based curriculum that is effective in promoting the dignity and welfare of all persons, and respect for individuals' privacy would be an objective to promote change in unethical practices in research.

In what specific areas do you see change being needed?

An area of where change is needed is in the deceptive practices in research studies. The guidelines on deceptive practices [Standard, 8.07] (ethical guidelines, www.apa.org) are narrow and vague. Basically, deception in research provision states, "Psychologists do not conduct a study involving deception unless they have determined that the use of deceptive techniques can be justified by the study's significant prospective scientific, educational or applied value; and that non-deceptive alternative procedures are not feasible" (Ethical guidelines, www.apa.org). However, deceptive ...

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