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    ACA's and NBCC's code of ethics

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    A counseling researcher completed a study, the essence of which was that clients' ratings of counseling effectiveness were positively and statistically significantly related to counselors' frequencies of use of active listening (I.e., facilitative responding) skills. The counselor then wrote a manuscript describing the study and its results and implications, and submitted copies of it to the Journal of Counseling and Development, Counselor Education and Supervision, and the Journal of Counseling Psychology. The counselor was likely to
    A. have the manuscript accepted for publication very soon
    B. have the manuscript rejected because the findings were "old news" in the counseling profession
    C. be advised to restructure the manuscript into a "brief report" format
    D. be charged with violation of ACA's Code of Ethics and NBCC's Code of Ethics

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    In my opinion, this is probably the answer because the statement does not show that the Counselor got the appropriate permission from the client to publish this publication. The client must be notified in advance of the research project.

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    This answer brings awareness to what is ethical for a counselor to publish about a client. Counselor are held to strict ethical laws by the ACA and NBCC.