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    Ethics Code

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    How would you explain the following:

    1. Implementing Ethics Code

    2. Employee reactions to Ethics Code

    3. Impact of Ethics Code on the Organization

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    1. Implementing Ethics Code

    According to Vaux, a code of ethics is a blueprint for living. It is a way to promote specific standards of behavior which serve as a means to achieve and strengthen the moral standing of those who adopt them. It is important that organizations adopt and implement properly their code of ethics so that they maintain their good reputation in the eyes of the public.
    Here are the steps in implementing an organization's code of ethics according to Vaux and Louw:

    1. Define the code of ethics and the values that the organization wishes to adopt and practice. Each organization has its own set of values which are distinct from other organizations. Make them concrete in form by writing them down and make sure the head of the organization approves and supports its tenets.
    2. There must be a means of enforcing the code such as consequences enforced when an employee violates it. Clarify and explain the possible consequences to all concerned. Write them and attach them to the code.
    3. Make sure to print the code and distribute copies among the members of the organization. Give them few days to read and absorb the contents, ask them for feedback and suggestions.
    4. After suggestions are received, vet the code and warrant the changes made and send to head of organization for final approval.
    5. The code of ethics should also include stipulations on any agreements or hiring contracts. As part of the orientation of newly hired members, they have to be given their own copy and have them signed to agree to them as they join the organization.
    6. Plan the launch of the code ensuring maximum exposure and commitment. The code must be strongly communicated throughout the organization and leaders should be the first to model how the ...

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