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Creation of a Code of Ethics

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The task is to create a Code of Ethics for fictitious company or organization. This should include the following:

Guiding Principles
Purpose of the code
Core values
Training and education
Definition What employees it covers
How it will be implemented/communicated
How it will be enforced and reported
Mission statement
Other pertinent elements you feel necessary to have a comprehensive code of Ethics.

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In the creation of a code of ethics, the guiding principles should include the utilization of a just and fair means of conducting business activities with consumers. In addition, it is very important to ensure that the ethical code is developed in accordance with all business laws and regulations, as well as human resources laws and regulations. The overall guiding principles should also include the principle of ensuring a safe, positive, and just work environment, in which there is equal opportunity for upward mobility, and no tolerance for sexual harassment, etc. The purpose of this code of ethics should be to ensure that all staff members conduct their activities in a professional and just manner, without breaking any company, state or federal rules and regulations. This code is also developed to ensure that this organization conducts all activities in a just and ethical manner, and thereby gains a ...

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