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    ECG Code of Conduct: Awareness of importance of ethical behavior, value of code

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    As a leader at ECG, one of your responsibilities is to help shape a culture of ethics at the organization.

    Address the following:

    Now that the code of conduct for ECG is finalized, your next step on behalf of the Ethics Review Committee and in your role as compliance officer is to draft an e-mail to ECG leaders and managers to make them aware of the importance of ethical behavior and the value of a comprehensive code of conduct to guide organizational activities.

    Be sure to identify and reference specific aspects of the code of conduct developed by your group to support your key points in the e-mail.

    Recommend activities in which e-mail recipients should be involved to enhance awareness of the code of conduct company wide and instill a strong sense of organizational ethics at ECG.

    Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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    Dear all:

    As a member of the Ethical Review Committee, and the Compliance officer in ECG Company, I would like to inform you on ethical issues in the company which are very crucial in the work place. They outline the responsibilities for our employees in the organization.

    As you well know our organization has an Ethical review committee that was set up to create code of ethics for the organization. As a group we created code of ethics that were based on the corporate values of the organization and those that inspire a great working environment to the entire organization (Importance of, 2011). The set out ethical rules address ethics and the compliance risk that will ensure that every one in the organization acts with integrity to enable the company to reach its goals.

    As an organization it is very beneficial for us to have these ethical codes put in the organization to ensure that the following benefits in the organization are attained; Ethical code in the organization create strong teamwork in the organization, it also bring forth increased productivity in the organization this is because they align the behaviors of the employees with those in the leadership position. The ethical codes in the company will leads to the establishment of company culture that will enable us to have ...

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    The awareness of importance of ethical behaviors and the value of code are examined.