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Leading as a Compliance Officer

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You are excited about your new position as compliance officer at ECG because this is your first role as a member of a senior executive team. You have the enviable opportunity to be a critical part of ECG's growth as the leader who will standardize, implement, and monitor the code of conduct as the company advances with the planned IPO, another acquisition, and entry into the government market. To ensure that you appropriately fulfill requirements of your new role, including understanding your general responsibilities and accountabilities as well as your impact on ECG, conduct in-depth research to understand and delineate the distinction between a leader and a manager.

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The solution discusses leading as a compliance officer.

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Leader and Manager

The main role of the compliance officer at Export Consulting Group (ECG) is providing the workforce with solutions to customers in a variety of industries. ECG provides IT solutions, supply chain management, customer relationship management and strategy consulting services to businessmen and firms. ECG is committed to provide exceptional services, fast response and clear concise answer or solution for the customers, businesses and companies. A newly recruited compliance officer for ECG is a member of a senior executive team that will play a leadership role in organization. He may face several challenges and opportunities to fulfil expectation in the new role at ECG. The compliance officer's primary role is to prevent, detect and respond to unethical and unlawful behavior of employees.

New compliance officers can review the existing ethical standards, IPO and acquisition related rules and regulation and various laws relevant to domestic and international transactions to develop, implement and monitor code of conduct for ECG. Compliance officers must develop standardized ethical policies for ECG to strengthen its resources and capabilities. Compliance officers' general responsibility is to develop a compliance committee and establish effective line of communication to maintain the operation and growth of ECG (Gottschalk, 2011). Their main responsibility is implementing written policies, procedure and standards of conduct and ensures that ECG and its employees are following all ethical and legal guidelines defined by government and the companies. Their duties are to improve efficiency and quality of services and to reduce the vulnerability to fraud and abuse in organization through developing policies that encourage managers and employees to report suspected fraud without fear of retaliation (Moeller, 2008).
Compliance officers must understand and define the distinction between a manager and leader and their roles and responsibility to achieve result. Leaders and managers play an important ...

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