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Self-Performance Appraisal - Human Resources

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Please assist in providing a template for each topic in bold:
- Business development
- Communication skills
- Dependability
- Flexibility
- Initiative/self-motivation
- Job knowledge and skills
- Problem solving/decision making
- Quality of work
- Teamwork/interpersonal skills

1. Accomplishments: Describe any accomplishments achieved by the employee since the last review. What contributions did the employee make this year? Did employee meet goals set forth during last review?

2. Growth and Development: Indicate what will help the employee develop in their current position or help employee reach the next level in their career. Identify areas that can be strengthened to enhance future performance.

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In designing a well defined performance appraisal depends on the type of job position with knowledge of expectations towards the performance output (job tasks and responsibilities the assist in business continuity. By doing so, the core areas of focuses (business development, communication skills, etc) can provide the framework to measuring an individual performance levels in the last few months to decipher if on target goals met towards a company's objective output.

Try and implement the following template regarding a position of a Compliance Officer within a Banking Industry:


Compliance Officer conducts proactive measure by encouraging business incentives that produces solidified trust amongst employees and consumer (Try and connect the company's initiative towards building new business development for bringing forth new business through internal audits, verifications of documentations from employees on behalf of consumers).

Sample question: Have the last six months the employee demonstrated is proactive behaviors that resulted in new business to the organization that increases productive referrals or clients within compliance mindset?


Compliance Officer illustrates strong communication skills relaying towards both writing and verbally that supports the company's objective in following corporate operational standard procedures. (Try and think of the measuring of progress relating ...

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The solution discusses the self-performance appraisal in human resources.

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