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    Elements of a Performance Appraisal System

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    Discuss elements of good appraisal systems in the assigned discussion cluster.

    Determine the elements that should be present in an appraisal system. Use the information from the discussion cluster to design an original appraisal system.

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    What are the Elements of an Appraisal System
    There are four elements to preparing an appraisal system:
    1. Set Objectives.
    2. Manage Performance
    3. Carry out the Appraisal
    4. Provide Rewards/Incentives/Remedies
    Setting objectives includes deciding what is needed or wanted from the employee and then agreeing on the objectives with the employee. Time lines and schedules should be set as well to ensure objectives are met in a timely manner.
    The supervisor needs to manage the employee's performance. Give the employees tools, resources, training and coaching to enhance their performance.
    Carrying out the appraisal by monitoring and assessing your employee's performance is one of the most important elements. During those assessments, discuss the objectives and agree on future goals.
    Providing rewards may be good; however, it can backfire when linking a reward with performance. Be very careful on what incentives you offer to employees. You do not want the expectation to be that they will get more than their paycheck every time they perform well. After all, you pay them to do a job already.
    Performance appraisals are an opportunity for organization's managers to coach employees to excellence. Appraisals also provide managers and employees an opportunity to discuss the employee's overall work performance as viewed against management competencies critical to the organization's mission, values and goals. The process provides a ...

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