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    Issues for Managing Teams

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    You are one of four regional Human Resources Managers employed by Ace Consulting, an international consulting firm. You have been assigned to the International Sales division. Currently, one HR Manager is assigned to each of the four global regions: the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America. You report to the Corporate HR Director.

    It has become apparent to management that their global customers are critical to their future growth. If there is a need to serve any locations of a customer in another region, there is no good contact point or process to handle it. This gets confusing and is not effective for the larger customers. There is a desire to greatly improve the communication and coordination across regions. Top Ace management has decided that the sales force needs to be organized in teams across regions to better serve these critical global customers.

    The HR Director has given you and the other three HR managers the task of developing and implementing a new global-team-based sales force. You will need to design the appropriate team make-up, determine the best way to staff these teams, provide guidance on developing a consistent global approach, design the team-building tools needed to establish these teams, and conduct the necessary training. You also need to design a compensation program that will support the team concept, give incentive to the best performers, and maintain a stable workforce.

    You have been asked to consider using 360 degree feedback, peer review, as the key method to evaluate an individual's performance. Formulate your thoughts on this subject including any special issues that may relate to employees' culture background, and post it for the other HR managers to discuss together. If you disagree with using this type of evaluation, recommend an alternative evaluation method.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Performance appraisal is one of the important components of human resource management. "The goal of performance appraisal is to encourage high levels of employee motivation and performance and to provide accurate information to be used in managerial decision making," (George & Jones, 2005, p. 265).

    A 360- degree feedback is becoming an important tool of performance appraisal due to its powerful impact on the organization. This method involves receiving feedback about personnel from subordinates, peers and supervisors. Thus it is one of the most comprehensive appraisal systems.

    It will help the company in many ways. It is one of the ways of knowing about the employees in exhaustive manner which will help in improving the behaviour and performance of the employees by focusing on clear communication and sharing the goals with them. For example the Managing Individual Effectiveness (MIE) system at Bell core is used for self-development. "It gets feedback from peers, managers, subordinates, and the ratees themselves. ...

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