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Managing Effective Teams Paper

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I would like to write a paper about managing effective teams.

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1. I would like to write a paper about managing effective teams.

This is an important topic. The following information together with the attached articles, and extra resources provided should get you started on this essay assignment.

Creating and managing teams in the workplace can lead to effective outcomes, but the success and longevity of teams in organizations will depend on how thoroughly organizational leaders understand how to extract the gains teams can provide. If leaders don't understand the skills they need to possess, as well as the group processes that are required to create and maintain teams, then teaming will be destined only to be the management fad of the 90's. The bottom line is that if you
want to insure team success in your organization you have to think hard about the ways you can reinforce or transform your organizational culture so that it communicates an ideology of partnership and collective gain to employees. http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/ndu/strat-ldr-dm/pt3ch10.html (article attached for convenience: "Creating and Managing Teams")

Some the common threads running through the literature are as follows:

1. Leader is well informed about the type of groups and group processes
2. Match the right team with the right project (e.g., necessary skills, experience, etc.)
3. ...

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