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Ethics Compliance Program: A&A Accounting

For the last six months, Jill has been with A&A Accounting, a multi-billion dollar entity. A&A has a high-level person responsible for their ethics compliance program who requires all personnel to view 20 hours of compliance videos. While on a flight to another city, Jill happened to sit behind A&A's ethics officer and overheard the following: "Yes, Bill, we do have a pretty good compliance program, but it's really just window dressing. Because of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines we have the appearance of doing most of what we should. Just the other day I had a phone call on our ethics hotline that I had to trace even though we guarantee callers will not be identified. I'll have to deal with it quietly. You know, bad publicity is NOT what A&A tolerates." What should Jill do?

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There are several options here for Jill, however legality and ethics will become an issue. Jill could take the easy way out and not say anything. However this may mean that she is breaking the law depending on her position and ...

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This solution discusses the complications associated with overhearing a conversation related to A&A Accounting's ethics compliance program.