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    Personal Code of Ethics: Law

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    Create a personal code of ethics using one of the major ethical frameworks as a guide. You have already examined the professional code of ethics for a career field in criminal justice and analyzed ethical dilemmas for several fields; now compare your personal code of ethics with those of the career you discussed in the Professional Ethical Standards assignment. To what ethical standards would you hold yourself if you worked in that field?

    Use the following as a guide for writing the paper.

    1. How does your code of ethics compare to the professional code of ethics? Discuss the differences between your code and the professional code.
    2. How does your personal code compare to the unwritten code associated with this career? Discuss the differences.
    3. What ethical dilemmas does your personal code of ethics help you resolve?
    4. Characterize the ethical framework used to construct your personal code of ethics.
    5. Does your personal code of ethics seem to match the ethical standards required for the career you are interested in? Why or why not?

    Pollock, J. M. (2004). Ethics in crime and justice: Dilemmas and decisions (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth.

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    Dear Student,
    The viewpoints I used are according to how I see ethics & moral philosophy from a personal & professional point of view. Adopt as you would according to your own views. I hope this helps!

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    Personal beliefs & Philosophy

    Ethics is one of the major concerns of philosophy, broader than what people usually see as that moral compass between right & wrong. Its origin is from the Greek word 'ethica' referring to moral philosophy. Ethics focuses its questions & structure on answering what is right & good in one's pursuit of the 'good life'. There are various ethical frameworks that men adapt to suit their beliefs & their lifestyles influenced by their own set of socialization. What is ethical for me is primarily what I have learned in my formative years concurrently & subsequently improved on by my own experience. For instance on questions about how I should live my life, my Christian upbringing gave me that moral code of doing what is right according to the basic commandments of the Old Testament. However, my exposure with various other philosophers & subsequent studies of philosophy coupled with my personal experiences so far in my life has taught me that what Confucius termed as the 'The Golden Rule' is far more applicable in just every setting, in every society, whatever the cultural divide. "Do unto others as you want others to do unto you."

    Ours is a globalised world, we live in communities that are becoming increasingly diversified in terms of the varied number of ethnicity & races making America a multicultural enclave. Various philosophies, religious orientation & world views now abound. Coupled with my education on history, philosophy, criminology --- Ethics to me has become that guide in navigating a sea of choices in my quest of doing 'right' by what I believe in. While it is more than that, at its most basic it allows me to logically reason out my actions, validate or invalidate it with my core beliefs.

    As such, I believe that the American Constitution is worth protecting as it has kept this nation together & nurtured its growth since the time of our forefathers. I believe in the By-laws of our country - it protects society from slipping into unmanageable anarchy. I believe in democracy & personal liberty as much as I believe that law enforcement & the Criminal Justice system are essential to keeping this nation together. True, conflict arises every now and then - ethical Dilemnas, areas where laws clash & convictions come to fore urging a huge debate about the path to be taken. That is however the essence of democracy - we get to debate, to choose, have our say as a people and a nation who believe in the equality of all. What is right for others is wrong for some; what is acceptable to me might not necessary be to you. When it comes to this point, ...

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    First, the solution defines ethics, from its origins to its application from a personal & a social perspective. It looks at thow it relates to the creation of a personal philosophy that a person uses as a framework in dealing with the challenges of everyday life.

    Second, it provides a debate on the similarities, conflict & resolution between a personal philosophy & that of a particular profession, in particular that of lawyers & criminal justice practitioneers. The solution looks at the personal Code of Ethics espoused by the American Bar Association & compares it to a personal philosophy & provides debates where conflict can arise as well as tools used in which to resolve said conflict & provide a working compromise.