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Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling

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1-Analyze and explain the relationship between ethics and the law in the field of counseling. how could you explain the interplay between the two?

2-Analyze the historical and philosophical relevance of ethical codes to contemporary practice, specifically in an area of juvenile counseling.

3-Analyze the evolving connection between cultural competence and ethics. what is being an ethical counselor means to you?

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This solution discusses ethical and legal issues in counseling. Both legal and ethical codes are reviewed that are used in the counseling process. The solution is focused on the contend and eforcement of federal and state statures concering legal and ethical issues in counseling.

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Ethics and legal issues

Analyze and explain the relationship between ethics and the law in the field of counseling. How could you explain the interplay between the two?

Dickson (2009) note that various state laws and professional function as agents of control such as: reporting & investigating child abuse, monitoring families, and reporting to law enforcement, particularly in the human service agencies. Both ethical codes and legal guidelines serve similar functions--to promote acceptable behavior and penalize unacceptable behavior. They have different sources, content and enforcement. For instance, ethical violations are made by professional associations, and based on federal and state statues; violation of the law is determined by judges and juries. However, Dickson asserts that legal and ethical standards are complementary and overlapping. ...

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