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Ethical Guidelines: Counseling Minors

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Provide at lleast two ethical and/or legal issues related to counseling minors, and how you would address and resolve each?

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This solution concentrates on ethical guidelines when counseling minors. Issues such as confidentiality when providing therapy and cunseling with children are discussed.

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The ethical guidelines related to counseling minors are ambiguous, because issues of ethics would depend on the particular circumstances involved. For instance, one issue that causes concern for psychologists occur when embracing or hugging can be viewd as sexual misconduct. Foe example, embracing or hugging that could be viewed as sexually inappropriate would include unnecessary touching and frequent hugging. On the other hand, in some instances embracing a child during counseling may be warranted such as when dealing with grief (Beresoff, 2003). Beresoff presents survey cluster results in which therapists addressed a potential boundary issue associated with embracing and hugging. Based on therapists' responses, the younger the child was, the practice of hugging received positive ethical ratings. ...

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