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    Legal Status of Minors in Counselling

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    You are a counselor at a high school. Discuss the legal status of minors and the implications of this status on the counseling relationship. Also address the concepts of confidentiality and informed consent in your response.

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    Legal Status of Minors

    School counselling is a specialized form of counselling in that it involves dealing with the legal and social considerations of counselling, assisting, guiding and looking after the welfare of minors. When we say Minor, we refer to person under a certain age known as the age of majority which is seen as the line that draws adulthood from childhood. Those under it are minors, those on or above it are considered to be adults and thus are attributed certain legal capabilities in society which were not available during minor age (i.e. the right to suffrage). Across the US the age of consent and criminal responsibility vary but universally, at least it is assumed that the age of 18 is the age of criminal and legal responsibility. Still in certain concerns (i.e. gambling & alcohol consumption) and in certain states, ...

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