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Quantitative Methods/Survey Design Research

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What is the role of educational research in qualitative methods and survey design research? What are the types of reasoning it relies on? What is the role of survey and online research in regards to educational research?

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This solution discusses the role of quantitative methods in educational research, outlines the types of reasoning that they employ, and describes the role of surveys and online research regarding educational research.

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Quantitative Methods/Survey Design Research (Educational Research):

The role of research in the educational accountability movement is complex and multifaceted. Research through scientific studies provide avenues towards further developing and improving educational practices. The research questions posed by researchers should include the scientific method which includes "a research hypothesis, a treatment group, and a control group" along with "a study that meets rigorous standards in terms of its design, the methods used and the interpretation of the results" (Lodico, Spaulding, & Voegtle, 2010, p.3). However, there is also social constructivism which challenges the scientific assumptions.

There ...

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