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    Survey & Experimental Methods (Social Psychology)

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    In a 2-3 paragraphs that compares survey strategies of inquiry with experimental strategies of inquiry.

    - Explain how survey and experimental methods---including components, terminology, elements, statistics, etc.—are similar and different.
    - Determine which kinds of research questions would be served by a survey or an experimental method.
    - Examine the reasons why reliability and validity are important in research.
    - Generalize about how popular quantitative methods are in your discipline.

    I would like to expand on this topic: A survey design provides a quantitative or numeric description of trends, attitudes or opinions of a population by studying a sample of that population. The basic intent of an experimental design is to test the impact (or an intervention on an outcome, controlling for all other factors that might influence that outcome.

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    Hi There,
    Thank you for your patience. In this particular task you are asking for assistance in explaining 2 differing research methods. Since you are being asked for 2 to 3 paragraphs only, I am supposing that a concise answer is what you want. I suggest therefore using this simple outline:

    1. About Survey & Experimental Methods - 200 words
    2. Research Questions applicable, validity and reliability - 100 words
    3. Application in Social psychology - 100 words
    4. Opinion (re: topic) - 100 words

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    Survey & Experimental Methods


    The quantitative research approach is a method of scientific inquiry where the goal is measure and quantify phenomenon. The data utilized in this method is numeric where phenomenon observed, if not directly measured is categorized and processed for the purpose of measurement. Both survey and experimental methods fall under the quantitative approach of research using the scientific form of inquiry where in most cases, the data used is in the form of descriptive statistics and numeric material, all are mathematical expressions or representations of the variables and elements that are related to or about the phenomenon studied and these two methods use and process these kinds of data to achieve their purpose. As quantitative methods, they both utilize random sampling and follow the scientific method (proving/disproving a theory through a repeatable, validable process). What separates them from each other is the manner by which they study the phenomenon and then ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advis ein tackling the task (see above) on discussing survey and experimental methods, including their particulars, similarities and application in the field of social psychology. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. An outline is also suggested.