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    Best types of research for consumer complaints in retail

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    What is the best type of research to use when dealing with human attitudes and emotions and how do you measure and analyze the results? For example, if I am running a retail store and I am receiving customer complaints that several of my employees are treating customers rudely, what would be the best type of research to use to determine why and how to correct the situation? I have considered qualitative, quantitative and possibly focus groups but am unsure how the research design for each of these would look and how the data derived from this research could be used to construct theories that could be used to formulate a plan of correction.

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    The designs are quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. It is the types of qualitative that vary. Phenomenology, case study, ethnography, are all various qualitative studies. The methods used within each design vary. The instruments vary as well. Note taking, recording, focus groups, interviews, are various types of instruments for qualitative. Interviews, surveys, questionnaires are quantitative methods. These are the best methods, either combined or individual will work. You could do just a quantitative, but it deals strictly with empirical facts, the numbers, not the emotions or personal thoughts or interactions which might be key to solving these ...

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