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    The Effect of Consumer Price Knowledge

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    Topic for research: "The effect of consumer price knowledge and gender on retail marketing strategy. "

    Narrow down and refine the topic
    Mixed research methodology for the project.
    Provide details on the criteria used to select the research methodology

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    The topic of "the effect of consumer price knowledge and gender on retail marketing", is a topic that involves how the psychological makeup customers can have a very effect on the strategic methodologies that retail marketers use in order to help to increase their customer base. In essence, both the knowledge that consumers have about the appropriate prices for goods, as well as the characteristics involved in with the shopping habits of the differing genders, are scientifically reliable characteristics that can be efficiently utilized in developing a retail marketing strategy for specific types of goods and services. In addition, the effect consumer price knowledge and gender can have on the decisions that consumers make a reference to certain goods and services, can have a tremendous effect on the profitability of certain goods and services, which makes it paramount that these aspects of consumerism are analyzed in detail by marketing strategists.

    In refining this topic, these two aspects of consumerism must be analyzed separately as well together in order to effectively ascertain the effect that these characteristics can have on retail marketing strategy. Consumer price knowledge and gender with prompt retail marketing strategists to conduct a detailed analysis of the situation that influences the amount of price knowledge that consumers have, as well as to analyze what proportion of the given population has an above average level of price knowledge. This price knowledge will include the potential ...