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    Topics in experimental and quantitative research

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    Quantitative Methods:

    Explains how survey and experimental methodsâ?"including components, terminology, elements, statistics, etc.â?"are similar and different.

    Also, determine which kinds of research questions would be served by a survey or an experimental method.

    Examine the reasons why reliability and validity are important in research.

    Generalize about how popular quantitative methods are in your discipline.

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    Quantitative Methods

    The quantitative method is all about measuring, quantifying a phenomenon under investigation. Thus, it is focused on numbers/numerics as data. Saying these, a quantitative research method/strategy gathers data to study and analyse so as to provide a numerical description and measurement of the phenomenon. When designing a quantitative research, the idea is to investigate cause and effect relationship between variables, using numeric tools and observation, testing applicable theories and the hypothesis that the researcher has formulated. For example, when determining political affiliations for a particular state, it is possible to utilise a hypothesis and to gather numeric data to analyse to prove/disprove this hypothesis. There are 2 applicable quantitative strategies to do this - one is doing survey research and another by designing and executing an experiment that controls and manipulates the variables so as to ascertain answers, numerical descriptions, to the question.

    Experimental Method

    A route many researchers take to answer questions (like determining political affiliations in a particular state) is to design an experiment. Experimental methods allow researchers to take full control; in these way, all variables are accounted for. The idea is to find out relationships of cause and effect. How is this done - when dependent and independent variables are ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advice in tackling experimental research and the quantitative methods. Each of the questions and tasks set in the original problem (see above) are discussed and provide answers. Resources are also listed for further exploration of the topic.