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Quantitative research articles

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Please note I'm not clear on this, kindly follow the instructions below;

Provide at least one specific question or concern about your project. Select two quantitative research articles from scholarly journals, one that reports an experimental study and one that reports a non-experimental study.

The instructor will provide feedback to help you improve your project.

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The two quantitative research articles I found are as follows: The experimental article is- "Implementing an evidence-based metabolic syndrome prevention and treatment program utilizing group visits" written by Deborah M. Greer and Dawn C. Hill. The non-experimental article is "Body dissatisfaction in California adolescents written by Mary Ellen Wilkosz, Jya-Lin Chen, Christine Kennedy and Sally Rankin. Both of these articles were found in the Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Vol.23 Issue 2 Feb. 2011). Segal-Gidan, Freddi Cognitive Screening Tools this is an experimental report from Clinician Reviews A Peer Reviewed Journal Volume 23 ...

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This essay is just two synopses of quantitative research articles.